official cars are running out, but what in return? — Autoreview

Toyota stopped deliveries of cars to Russia at the beginning of March and at the same time stopped its St. Petersburg plant. For the next seven months, official dealers sold off stocks accumulated both in their own parking lots and in the warehouses of Toyota itself. But those cars are running out: by early October, only about 1,500 Toyotas (plus about 350 Lexuses) were left in the stash by early October. Basically, these are Camry and RAV4 made in St. Petersburg, there are very few or no other models in stock.

There is no need to wait for any resumption of official deliveries: the Japanese company strictly complies with the sanctions, and recently announced the final closure of the Russian plant and the reduction of the staff of the Moscow office. Only “dealer network support to serve existing Toyota and Lexus customers” will remain. But the dealers themselves began to adapt to the current situation in the summer – and have already achieved some success.

It was Toyota officials who began to most actively master the supply of new cars from Kazakhstan. We are not talking about single copies imported for individuals, although such cars can be found (de jure car dealerships take them on commission as used cars). Brand new Kazakhstani Toyotas and Lexuses began to arrive at dealerships in batches of several car transporters, and they are registered as legal entities.