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From October 22, the payment of the Yanapay Peru voucher of S / 350 is made to new users of the Yape, Tunki or Bim digital wallets who have been selected as beneficiaries of the subsidy.

Currently, the distribution of economic support is being given to the beneficiaries of Group 2 and 3, made up of those with bank accounts, digital wallets and a DNI account from Banco de la Nación, as well as remote communities without access to financial systems.

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Below we will explain step by step how to activate this digital tool and be able to collect the government bond.

How to activate a digital wallet?

You must first enter the Yanapay consultation platform to validate that you are a beneficiary in this modality. Then you must follow the following steps:

  1. If you still do not have a digital wallet, you can download it on a cell phone with a line in your name and register with it.
  2. You must verify if your line is in your name in Osiptel.
  3. The registration process depends on the wallet you choose: Bim, Tunki or Yape (option with “DNI” without bank account).
  4. Then, you must validate your wallet data on the Yanapay consultation platform, from October 11 to 26. Your information will be verified with Osiptel and with the corresponding wallet.
  5. Within the following 72 hours, enter the query platform again to check if your data was verified correctly.

If your data is compliant, your Yanapay financial support will be deposited in your wallet as of October 22. You will also receive an SMS message confirming the deposit.

In case the data is not valid or you have not been able to validate your wallet or number for different reasons, you will receive a message indicating your new payment method on the platform.

LINK to see if I will receive the Yanapay Bonus

From September 13, people who belong to social programs will be able to check their date and payment method in the register through the following LINK:

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