ROME – The TAS of Lausanne (Court of Arbitration for Sport) has accepted the appeal of the Milan, regarding the disqualification imposed by the Uefa, which had excluded the club from the European sports competitions for the 2018-19 season, for failure to comply with the regimes of the Financial Fair Play in the three-year period 2014-2017. The presence of Elliott. Next year Milan (and not the Fiorentina) will play in the Europa League, with the TAS that invited the UEFA to commit a proportionate sanction to the club.

THE PRESS – Here is the official statement: The Board of the TAS in charge of the arbitration proceeding partially accepted the requests of Milan and decided as follows:

– the decision of the UEFA Chamber of Deputies CFCB of 19 June 2018 is confirmed in the part in which it establishes the non-fulfillment, by Milan, of the requirement of a balanced budget;

– the decision of the UEFA Europa League CFCB of 19 June 2018 is canceled in the part in which it establishes the Milan exclusion from the next UEFA competition for which it would have otherwise qualified in the following two seasons (ie the 2018/19 season or the 2019/20 season);

– the case was referred to the UEFA Chamber of Deputies CFCB for the imposition of a proportionate disciplinary sanction

The College of CAS has rejected Milan's request to order a settlement agreement from UEFA, but has determined that the decision of the UEFA Chamber of Justice CFCB to exclude Milan from club competitions organized by it is not proportionate. The Board considered that some relevant elements had not been adequately considered by the Adjudicatory Chamber, or that they could not be adequately considered at the time of issuing the appealed decision (June 19, 2018), including, in particular, the current club financial situation, significantly improved following the recent change in ownership of the club. The College decided to refer the case to the UEFA Chamber of Deputies CFCB in consideration of the relative request by the club and the fact that the Adjudicatory Chamber is in a better position, compared to the College of the CAS, to impose a sanction proportionate disciplinary based on the current financial situation of the club. The Board issued the decision without the motivations, which will be given at a later date.

REACTIONS – A decision obviously accepted with great satisfaction by the club rossonero and by Elliot: "The Milan look forward with a new owner, Elliott Advisors, to return to full sporting and financial solidity, and undertakes to comply with the rules of the Financial Fair Play of the Uefa – says the company in a statement given ». In the same note the Milan he also recalled that, within his decision, «The College of the Tas noted in particular that the Club's current financial situation has improved, following the recent change in ownership of the Club ». In addition to that of the Milan then there was also the release of Elliott: «Today's legal victory is an important first step in the reconstruction of Milan: this reconstruction will not be a short-term project and there is a lot of hard work that Elliott is ready to do – said a spokesman for the fund -. Elliott is happy to have been able to support the Milan in front of the Tas and that our intervention allowed the achievement of this positive result for the club. Play in Europe it is part of the heritage of the Milanand to be excluded would have been a sin. Now we will work hard to rebuild the club's credibility with UEFA and to demonstrate that we can gain new successes in the field in full compliance with the rules of the Financial Fair Play of the Uefa», – said the spokesperson of Elliott.

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