Official press in Cuba recommends urine for the fertilization of crops

As justified by the official press, fertilizing crops with urine is more “effective and less polluting”, thus substituting chemical fertilizers, for which it cited articles and experiments to let people know that the approach is based on studies, where the urine can be used on crops as fertilizer.

According to the newspaper September 5made a publication entitled “Fertilize our plants with urine?”, based on different scientific institutions and NGOs, which estimate:

The excretion of the kidneys of men as an alternative to chemical fertilizers, to reduce environmental pollution and feed a growing population”.

A French engineer said about an experiment that he develops on optimization: “To grow, plants need nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium”, something that a Cuban land worker (Campesino) would have said the same, but unfortunately they do not have their reach NPK fertilizers, nor in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC), instead of thinking about fertilizing their crops with urine.

Many articles touch on the topic of using urine for agricultural purposes, asking:

Are people prepared to eat food fertilized with urine? According to the Cuban official media mentioned above, he said: “This issue touches on the intimate,” a Parisian who is developing an eco-neighborhood with 600 homes and shops commented: “There the urine to fertilize parisian green spaces”, which he adds if the idea is possible in paris, the City of Light, pourquois pas in Cuba?.

Another alternative of the official press, if we take into account when they published about the benefits of cockroach milk, to contribute to the “food sovereignty” that the Cuban regime seeks from the time of Fidel Castro to these times of “continuity” of Miguel Diaz-Canel,

The official press insists on contributing in some way, if the cockroach was rejected by the population with ridicule filling the social networks with memes about it, what happened to the urine, perhaps out of respect for the pain caused by the losses in the accident that occurred in the Hotel Saratoga, surely the memes would go viral on social networks related to the article on the benefits of urine on crops.


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