Officially – African-Tunisian renounces his contract with Marchan


Algerian reports linked the French coach and the Union of the capital Zahira Adel Facebook Twitter Tunisia’s Club Africain announced on Tuesday that it had terminated its contract with France coach Bertrand Marchand, the coach of the first football team, by mutual consent.
Several press reports have indicated that the French are close to assuming the technical responsibility of the Algerian Capital Union, which has caused a crisis between him and the board of the Tunisian club. African Confederation recently abandoned the African Confederation Championship after defeating the Moroccan volcano against a single goal in the total of the two round matches in the 32nd round of the tournament. Related Materials The French team failed to win the last three games in the Tunisian league, where they drew with Olympique Medenine and Ben Kordan and lost to Benzarti, finishing third in the table with 44 points.
Marchan had assumed the technical responsibility of the African in early December, led in 17 games, won 12 of them, tied in three meetings, and lost two others.
Afrique is preparing to face Benzarti on 22 April in the semi-finals of the Tunisian Cup.


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