Khaled Al-Atwi, the coach of the Saudi Al-Ittifaq team, referred to the situation of professionals in his team, led by Moroccan Walid Azzaro, the loaned Al-Ahly player, to the Saudi team.

The Saudi Economic Newspaper quoted Atawi’s statements, who talked about the situation of the Moroccan and the professionals in the agreement:“.

The Saudi team coach stressed that all foreign players continue, except for the Moroccan player Walid Azzaro, who was seconded from Al-Ahly Club, where he said: “We believe that the continuation of the current players is stability for the team, but Azzaro will continue if the league resumes until the end of its loan.“.

He continued: “And the biggest proof of that is that the agreement has a distinctive statistic, as it is the third after the crescent and victory through acquisition and long and steady passes, in addition to the average age of his players is the smallest, which will help him to be in a better position in the next stage to complete this project.“.

After this statement, it became certain that the journey of Azzaro had ended within the corridors of Al-Ittifaq club and its return to Al-Ahly club in order to search for a new offer for the Moroccan player.

This was El-Ahly.comAl-Ahly’s coach, Rennes Feiler, has announced earlier that he is not interested in conducting the Moroccan player on his journey with the Red Genie, alongside the Angolan Gerald and Da Costa.


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