SAN MATEO COUNTY, California (KGO) –

The Monterey County Sheriff Office says they have found missing Oregon woman Angela Hernandez south of Big Sur and that she is being taken to the hospital.

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A couple on the beach spotted Hernandez near the path from Kirk Creek, down a cliff nearly 200 feet. Their vehicle was found partly in the water, according to officials.

Big Sur Fire, the CHP, and the sheriff of Monterey County responded to the scene.

They say she seemed to have a shoulder injury and talked and could leave.

She says she's been there since 6th of July.

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The Sheriff Office of Monterey County says they searched for Hernandez on Highway 1 and Big Sur on Friday.

Her car was seen last Friday morning on a gas station security camera south of Carmel.

Hernandez spoke to her family last morning after spending the night in Half Moon Bay.

The 23-year-old left Portland last week and went to Lancaster in Southern California.

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