Often causing panic in the midst of the corona outbreak, coughing turns out to be the body’s natural defense against the virus, following the differences between the usual cough and the Covid-19 cough

Gridhot.ID – Coughing and sneezing as if it’s the thing that makes us panic in the middle of a crown plague is.

Many immediately assume that cough is a sign that someone is exposed to COVID-19.

even if the cough itself is the body’s natural form of defense against irritants, such as mucus, pollen, smoke, or allergens.

In the case of crown virus, cough is generally felt by most of the symptomatic patients. Based on data from the COVID-19 Handling Task Force, it was recorded that 70% of patients had a positive symptom of cough.

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How to distinguish a cough due to Covid-19 and a regular cough? Because Covid-19 irritates lung tissue, the cough becomes dry and prolonged. The cough was accompanied by shortness of breath and muscle aches.

As the virus starts to develop, the lung tissue fills with fluid, and you may find it more difficult to breathe as your body struggles to get enough oxygen.

The difference between dry cough and wet cough

Quoted from Science Alert, April 17, 2020, a wet cough expels phlegm from the lower respiratory tract into the mouth. This wet coughing sound is caused by the presence of fluid in the airways and can be accompanied by a wheezing sound when inhaling.

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The lower respiratory tract has more secretory glands than the throat, which is why a lower respiratory tract infection causes a wet cough.

Meanwhile, a dry cough does not produce phlegm. It usually starts at the back of the throat and produces a loud sound.

A dry cough doesn’t clear the airways, which is why sufferers often describe it as an unsatisfactory cough.

Dr Ravindra Nallagonda, senior consultant for intensive care pulmonary medicine at Aster Prime Hospital, said dry cough occurs due to inflammation or irritation of the respiratory tract.

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“People can feel or experience tingling or hoarseness in the back of the throat, which can also trigger a cough reflex,” he said as quoted by the Times of India on April 1, 2020.

Dry cough What indicates that someone has corona virus is:

– Continuous dry cough
– Cough that occurs in at least half a day.
– This does not happen occasionally just because you have a sore throat or something is stuck in your throat
– The victim just felt this cough.

Common cough

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According to the CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), cough that occurs in people with influenza often occurs suddenly. Patients will also recover in a relatively short time, which is less than two weeks.

In addition, coughs that occur in flu sufferers will be accompanied by a runny nose and sneezing, while Covid-19 sufferers are not.

That is, someone who shows a cough accompanied by a cold and is preceded by a sneezing phase, can catch the common cold, quoted from Business Insider, March 12, 2020.

When to worry

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If you have a dry cough and suspect a corona virus infection, you should watch out for other symptoms, such as a prolonged high fever, loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath, and digestive problems.

Meanwhile, what you can do is take medicine to relieve your cough. If the cough continues, you can use an elevated pillow while you sleep. This can help reduce and relieve irritation.

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