Often Confused, What Is The Real Concept Of A Booster Vaccine?

Andani explained, if someone gets a vaccine with various brands or variants, more memory cells will be formed in the body.

Then later when there is a virus that enters, the body can already recognize the variant. Moreover, the antibodies themselves are specific.

“Our memory cells will remember, oh, I remember this virus, it was introduced yesterday. Immediately it responds quickly and more strongly. So the memory will remember, it will record,” said Andani.

Then, what will happen if the memory cells cannot remember or recognize the incoming virus? A person has the potential to be re-infected. Then new memory cells will be formed through the incoming new variant.

“The WHO said that why are people (who are already infected) allowed to be vaccinated? Let it form variations of the reminder cells,”

“So we have a reminder cell for type A virus, a reminder for type B virus, type C virus, D virus. So that whatever type of virus enters, we are safe, immune,” said Andani.


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