Often drunk even though he does not drink alcohol, a man in Belgium recovers after a fecal transplant

Three years later, the patient had no more ABS symptoms. The ethanol level in his blood is also normal and he is allowed to drive the vehicle again. Doctors also noted that the man still occasionally indulges in alcoholic beverages but only when he wants to.

“Based on our experience with these patients, we recommend that other doctors with intestinal fermentation syndrome consider treatment with faecal microbiotia transplantation, especially if traditional therapy has failed,” said the doctors in their case report.

They added that additional research is still needed regarding the safety of this kind of transplant. However, according to doctors, in the future, this kind of approach may become the standard therapy for intestinal fermentation syndrome.

It is known, fecal transplants in recent years have become one of the methods considered to re-balance the gut microbiota in certain groups of people.

However, this strategy appears to only work against a few infections. Additionally there are potential life threatening risks that need to be considered.


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