OG 2018: Vladimir Putin denounces “political” exclusion, but does not call for boycott

OG 2018: Vladimir Putin denounces “political” exclusion, but does not call for boycott

Vladimir Putin during a speech to the workers of GAZ factory in Novizhny Novgorod on December 6, 2017. – Mikhail Klimentyev / AP / SIPA
Vladimir Putin does not stop, if Russia has been Suspended from the IOC 2018 by the IOC is for reasons that go beyond doping cases. “All of this sounds like a fabricated and politically motivated decision. We see it, and I, I have no doubt about it, “said the Russian president on Wednesday, quoted by the state agency RIA Novosti.

>> Read also: Russia denounces a plot to present it as “axis of evil” However, Russia will not “stop” Russian sportsmen who want to participate in the Games under the Olympic banner, as proposed by the International Olympic Committee. “Without a doubt, we are not going to oppose any blocking , we will not prevent our athletes from taking part “in Pyeongchang Games , from February 9 to 25, said Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of a meeting with the workers of a factory in Nizhny Novgorod (Volga), according to statements broadcast on Russian television.

Tuesday night, the IOC suspended Russia the 2018 Olympic Winter Games for institutionalized doping, however opening the door to “clean” athletes who will be allowed to compete under neutral flag.

“I never gave the order to win the Games”

“The important thing is that in the Commission’s findings, it is written that there has been no government system of doping support. This is an important conclusion, “continued the Russian president, then wondering why, in these conditions,” Russian athletes have been banned from competing under the Russian flag “. “Only condemn those who are guilty. And if there was no government support, why forbid to participate under our national symbols. That’s a big question, “he added.

In its conclusions, the IOC decided in particular to ban the Russian Deputy Prime Minister for Sport for life Vitali Mutko , the strongman of Russian sport for almost a decade, accused of being one of the pivots of the doping system. “I never gave the order, for example to the Ministry of Sports or other organizations, to win the Games. There has never been such a mission, “said Vladimir Putin.

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