ÖH: Exploitation of students in internships must end!

Thousands of students are paid poorly or not at all during full-time internships. The student representatives are demanding comprehensive solutions.

Vienna (OTS) “Due to the acute wave of inflation and stricter legal requirements, the pressure on us students is increasing enormously. The study grant is far from enough to live on – months of unpaid full-time work are fatal for those affected.”, Leokadia Grolmus, chairwoman of the student union at the FH Campus Wien, is outraged. Thousands of students in social and health professions as well as dentistry do not receive any allowance for their work and suffer from existential fears.

The compensation for students of human medicine is by no means a livelihood. “550€ net expense allowance means less than 4€/hour in remuneration. We do work that is not officially rated or valued as such. We are dedicated to learning our future professions – you can’t pay rent with dedication alone,” says Nicole Sophie Brunner, chairwoman of the student union at the Medical University of Vienna.

On Nursing Day, Social Affairs Minister Rauch announced that more money should be spent on health and nursing students in the future. “This is an important first step,” states Isolde Kostner, deputy chair of the student union at the Medical University of Vienna. “Students of health and social professions, as well as dentistry, are left out!”
It also remains to be clarified how the scholarship affects the study grant.

In order to draw attention to the situation of students in internships, the student unions are organizing a demonstration on May 14th, 2022, which aims to ensure fair payment for all students in internships. At the same time, an open letter will be sent to the responsible politicians.
“Politicians must finally listen to us students and ensure the livelihood of all interns in systemically relevant professions!” the student representatives are convinced.

Questions & contact:

Leokadia Grolmus
Chairwoman of the students’ union FH Campus Wien
+43 676 4750497