Ojol Electric Motor Explodes Scorched Side Body, Electric Motor Conversion Owner Gives An Explanation


The ojol driver’s electric motor suddenly exploded.

MOTOR – There are many photos on social media uploading photos of the electric motorbike driver, the ojol driver suddenly exploded, the owner of the electric motorbike conversion tried to explain the factors causing it.

An upload circulating on social media for an electric motorbike driver for an ojol suddenly exploded.

The moment was documented by netizens until it was uploaded by the Instagram account @lambe_ojol.

After being uploaded, the post was also crowded on social media.

It is known that the electric motorcycle that exploded was a brand that collaborated with online motorcycle taxis.

The electric motor was badly damaged after the explosion.

Severe damage occurred to the motor body until it touched the seat area.

Judging from the visual damage, the center of the explosion is thought to have come from the motor battery area.

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For those who are curious about the upload, you can see it below.