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Oklahoma man sued Kim Kardashian

FILE – In this photo taken Sunday, May 22, 2016, Kim Kardashian poses for photographers as she arrives at the premiere of Verdi's "La Traviata" at the Rome Opera House. (AP Photo / Andrew Medichini, file)

David Liebensohn has sued Kim Kardashian for $ 300 million after declaring that she violated her partnership agreement.

Liebensohn founded together with Narayan Shankar and Daniel Rice the company App Social LLC, which created 2014 according to court documents Apps for users of social media.

The CensorGram application, designed to protect social media users' accounts from mobbing, spammers and trolls on Instagram and designed by Liebensohn, Shankar and Rice, caught the attention of Kardashian.

Documents State Kardashian's Social Media Assistant Jonathon Cheban contacted Instagram Instagram App that Kardashian was interested in investing and investing in CensorGram.

App Social LLC and Kardashian have reached an oral agreement on a 60-40 partnership.

App Social LLC created "Kimojis" prior to this agreement, and Kardashian was thrilled with the idea of ​​the documents.

The court documents indicated that Kardashian insisted on submitting the trademark of Kimojis "to save costs" and promised to jointly promote the concept.

Kardashian filed the KIMOJI trademark application in August 2014, identifying Kimsaprincess, Inc., the sole proprietor.

Liebensohn says Kardashian then called Shankar and charged him with publishing her personal information about her use of CensorOut, formerly CensorGram, and a screenshot of that information to "all of Chicago."

Documents Said Kardashian, on August 15, 2014, App Social LLC sent a letter through its lawyer stating that it caused Kardashian's emotional grief and slander over $ 5 million, and sent a settlement agreement and mutual exemption.

According to this release, Kardashian would release App Social LLC from the potential $ 5 million lawsuit if it divorced the future development of the kimojis.

Liebensohn refused to sign this release, according to court records.

Kardashian box KIMOJI trademark for clothing, mobile phone cases, cosmetic bags, perfumes, ect.

Liebansohn says Kardashian released the Kimojis application a year later with a name "Kimoji" created by App Social LLC.

Liebensohn claims that Kardashian has violated their partnership agreement, violated their loyalty obligations, been unjustly enriched and fraudulent because he never intended to live up to their promises.



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