Old cars, here’s the bonus to convert them to electric

New and important incentives for those who are fond of their old one auto and wants to change the look by converting it to electric: it is not necessary to scrap it or buy a new one but you can continue to make it live with a new and more ecological engine.

Here is the bonus

It is the provisions of the Infrastructure Decree with the bonus on the electric which is worth up to 60% of the cost for a total of 3,500 euros and will be recognized in the affiliated workshops by 2021. Similar speech also for vans and buses of 3.5 and 5 tons, which will be able to take advantage of the incentive on registration fees after they have been approved (also in this case reimbursement of up to 60%). From ugly duckling (pollution) to prince (engine with zero emissions), and the transformation of one’s car to encourage the energy transition becomes a reality.

What is replaced

The mechanic will intervene in completely replacing the old petrol (or diesel) engine by eliminating the exhaust pipes, the radiator and the cooling system that is no longer needed. In their place, the installation of the management electronics and the battery pack that replaces the old fuel tank will come to life. As we read on Republic, the new “kit” that the car will be equipped with will include, specifically, a powerplant (electric car and power converter); the batteries needed to power it that have a “electrical and thermal management system for accumulators and sectioning and protection system“; the interface with the electricity grid that allows the vehicle to be fully and completely recharged and any other devices necessary to make it work. This is how even the vintage car without the danger of fines or stops due to pollutants released into the air.

Incentives on enrollment

The Infrastructure Decree also provides for a contribution for the new registration, which is necessary since it is as if you had a different car. Also in this case, it will be possible to save and be reimbursed by 60% as partial coverage of the expenses incurred on the stamp duty and the provincial transcription tax.

By whom to change the engine

As mentioned at the beginning of the piece, in order to replace the fuel engine with the ecological one, you will not be able to go everywhere but only in those workshops specialized in this type of intervention and equipped with the necessary kit that we have addressed in the salient points. And then, the workshops in charge must have the requisites provided for by Legislative Decree 219/2015 which regulates the sector. On average, the costs of converting the engine vary between 5 and 7 thousand euros to which the batteries that vary according to autonomy must be added. For now, the funds allocated to launch the EV sector in Italy amount to 12 million euros.


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