Old fragment with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk floats above: “Nothing worse than someone who scolds you completely”

The storm around Matthijs van Nieuwkerk (62) has not yet subsided. Now that the Dutch presenter is accused of a “culture of fear” in ‘The world continues to turn’, a video has surfaced in which he condemns such behaviour. Van Nieuwkerk tells how he himself fell victim to insults.

“What’s your worst experience ever?” Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is confronted with that question in an old fragment from 2012, in which he is interviewed in the program College tour. His answer feels very bitter to many. “Someone who stands in front of you, almost nose to nose, with a kind of glassy look and who calls you names. That you’re the biggest dick. A pickpocket and so on. I find that very annoying.”

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The presenter says it firmly, and condemns it. But now he himself is being accused of that kind of behavior by dozens of ex-employees. They testified how he used a culture of fear on the editorial staff of his talk show for years The world goes on, and “screamed, humiliated and intimidated” colleagues from inches away. It was like the devil got inside him.

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The images are doing the rounds on social media and are going down the wrong way. “Looking in the mirror is also very annoying,” one tweet sneered. Others call Van Nieuwkerk a hypocrite and point out that he was therefore aware of his mistakes. “By his own standards, he is 100 percent guilty.”

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After the allegations, Van Nieuwkerk left the Dutch broadcaster BNNVara. His apology was not enough. “The fact that my employer openly doubts my sincerity makes further cooperation impossible,” the presenter responded.(dvg)