Old tricks but practical Luka Doncic’s new lethal weapon

Since joining the NBA in the 2018-19 season, Luka Doncic has returned with amazing new tricks every opening season. Last season Doncic decided to unblock his mid-distance in the short off-season this summer. This is also a move considered taboo by many modern players, but it seems to be caught in the hands of genius Doncic, easily displayed and simply scored.

As the 2021-22 season is about to start, as long as NBA fans are looking forward to what new skills this 22-year-old two-time first team winner can bring to us, it may not be an amazing new weapon, but we I did see a new spark from Doncic in the warm-up match.

In order to greatly improve Doncic’s ball-holding organization and monster sucking ability, the Lone Ranger has many players with shooting ability in the array, but it does not mean that the Lone Ranger has not prepared a new dish. In the warm-up match against the Hornets to the first few games of the season, we saw many times that Doncic started offensively from the back frame, and this also has the opportunity for the lone ranger to try a new attack launch point.


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Attack after free throw

When the Hornets player James Bouknight was still making free throws, Doncic had already gone to the other end of the court to prepare. These deployments were not secret operations, but the Lone Ranger was ready for the next wave of offensive when the opponent made a free throw. Dorian Finney-Smith was in charge of the advancement, and after passing it to Tim Hardaway Jr., it immediately forwarded it to Doncic, who was already in position.

Although this is different from the fast break, it can immediately threaten the opponent’s defense. Hardaway advances very fast, even outside the camera. It also attracts Jalen McDaniels to help Cody Martin help with the defense, and Mason Plumlee in the last level. , There is no way to take care of Willie-Cauley Stein in charge. Doncic’s position required the Hornets to use two people to defend the disadvantage of four people. He has many passing options and decided to score easily for the simplest WCS.

And Doncic also inherited Dirk Nowitzki’s monster sucking ability.

A few rounds later, Martin missed his serve. Jalen Brunson saw that Doncic was in position after he got the ball. Hardaway was on the outside line at the other end to help clear the space. Then the Hornets defense was a bit at a loss, and this time Cauley- Stein immediately helped Kristaps Porzingis set a back block so that he could easily score points.

The above round is Doncic’s monster sucking power, which continues to attract the attention of McDaniels, Bouknight and Plumlee to make them lose sight of each other. Although he did not use Dirk’s signature Golden Rooster independent jumper, he has better vision and passing ability to make him jam the ball. To the easiest scoring neutral position.

Make good use of dislocation attacks

Doncic’s offensive rounds are more traditional. In general, he doesn’t have enough time to get in position first. Therefore, Doncic is used to taking the defender to the right. Few players in the league have a side dribble like Doncic. Can maintain the level of vision at any time. And many teams will double-team like the Hornets, which will narrow Doncic’s passing path, but Porzingis’s shooting and long hands and feet will be Doncic’s breakthrough point in the face of the trap, so the Lone Ranger let Doncic Porzingis and Porzingis used horns to block the position, and finally passed to the outside shooter. If the rotation defense is not in place, the team will often be disrupted by the lone rangers. Of course, it is necessary to emphasize that Doncic’s attraction and vision are precisely these offensive rounds. key.


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In addition, Doncic will also use straightforward singles. Few players can disrupt his dribbling and offensive rhythm. Whether it is relying on his own card position or the team’s tactics to create dislocations, it is almost impossible to face a short guard. Sentencing the opponent to death, plus having Hardaway or Porzingis’ outside lines to take care of, as well as visionary and internal and external singles moves, Doncic almost asks for anything; if it is against a tall man, Doncic’s dribbling and footwork are absolutely absolute It will make the elders clueless, and may even commit one more rule.

Although the Lone Ranger after Yi Shuai was faltering at the beginning of the season, Doncic has gradually shown his new skills in the new season and a new form of matching with his teammates. Even if it takes a little time to fully run in, it is still It is worthy of the fans’ expectations.


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