Oleg Latishev to test ULEB Euroleague final four games for the tenth time

Latišev is among the eight judges who will play in the final four-quarter tournament in Belgrade from May 19 to 21.

The other judges will be Ilija Beloševičs from Serbia, Medi Difala from France, Tomislav Hordov from Croatia, Damir Javor from Slovenia, Luizika Lamonika from Italy, Boris Rižiks from Ukraine and Gītis Vilius from Lithuania.

Seven of the judges have previously judged the “Final Four”, but Latiševs and Vilnius judged the 2021 Euroleague final in Cologne. Difala also judged the league’s top four teams last season.

The most experienced in the list of eight judges are Rižiks and Beloševičs, for whom this is already the 22nd and 21st seasons in the Euroleague, respectively. Lamonika league court 19 season.

Like Latišev, this will be the tenth Final Four tournament for Lamonik and Rizik. Lamonika judged the best quartet for the first time in 2002 in Bologna, Italy. Rizik made his debut in the Final Four in Athens in 2007, and for the first time Latišev was judged in Paris in 2010.

Belosevich in the Final Four courts for the ninth time. Difala and Javors – for the third time, but Vilius for the second time.

The only newcomer to such a competition will be Hordov.

In the semifinals of the tournament, Piraeus Olympiakos will meet Istanbul’s Anadolu Efes, while Roland Schmidt’s Barcelona and Real Madrid will compete for the second ticket to the finals.

The final four tournament will take place from May 19 to 21 in Belgrade.

Also this season, ten countries with 18 teams were represented in the Euroleague, which is the same as in the previous season, but after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, three Russian teams were excluded from the tournament.

Last season, the champion was Istanbul’s “Anadolu Efes”, which defeated “Barcelona” in the final.