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Given the shortage of masks that exists in all parts of the world, the singer Olga Tañón taught her followers how to make a cloth mask to protect yourself from the Covid-19 if you have to go outside.

Through a live broadcast on her Facebook page, the Woman of Fire showed step by step for her followers to create their own masks and also taught how to prepare the opening to put a filter on them.

“When you have nothing, at least you make a cloth with a lining underneath. The doctors told me that after they put a filter on it, they were definitely going to be safer or safer than they have in the hospital, “she told users.

“Because when you have nothing here, at least you make a cloth with a lining underneath to be able to leave this hole and put a filter on it,” added the Toabajeña.

Tañón, who reminded his followers that he had taken courses in fashion designs, assured that he will send for filters to donate the masks he has made to various hospitals in Florida, where he lives. “I’m going to do what I can so I can give them here to hospitals, give them to friends who are doctors, who have nurses too. They have their filters. ”



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