Business Olis Angelats files a creditor contest after firing employees...

Olis Angelats files a creditor contest after firing employees without notice


The Girona company Olis Angelats SL, dedicated to the distribution of oils and drinks in the restaurant sector, has filed a creditors’ contest. The Official State Gazette published on Thursday the announcement of the insolvency of this company located in the industrial estate of Fornells de la Selva. According to their employees, the company fired them without warning on July 19, after accumulating defaults in the June and mid-July payments.

The bankruptcy declaration of Olis Angelats was made voluntarily on December 12, 2019, and the commercial court number 1 in Girona designated AC Iuriseco SLP, a multidisciplinary team specialized in situations of insolvency, as bankruptcy administrator. insolvencies. This newspaper attempted to contact the company yesterday, unsuccessfully.

Workers have taken the court to court saying they were fired without warning. One of the employees concerned reports that the company had been going “wrong” for some months now. “On Wednesday, July 10 all employees had a meeting with the manager and management of [l’empresa de distribució] Dispuig, who seemed ready to buy Angelats Oils and pay off debts, including unpaid wages, “he says. The worker claims that he and someone else collected the extra pay, but not the regular monthly payment for June. He recalls that on Friday, July 19, late in the afternoon, “he gathered us all and handed us the letter of dismissal,” without paying the remaining wages for June and part of July. The move affected 13 company employees, eight of whom came together to report management. Employees also regret that the defendants did not show up at the settlement event at the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Center (Cmac). They later had a hearing for precautionary measures against the company last October, to which the management also did not stand, and as a result the property embargo was decreed. The eight workers have two lawsuits decreed on dismissal and due amounts, which will be expected to be held in June and September next in Girona.

Nine million turnover

According to data from the Infocif portal, which collects the activity of trading companies, Olis Angelats has been active for 26 years and in 2017 had a turnover of more than 9 million euros. The company specializes in the distribution of beverages and liquid products of various well-known brands in restaurants and other establishments in the province.



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