Olivia, 17: youngest rider of the Legend Moto Cup weekend

If the Moto Legend Cups bring together many seasoned riders on the great Dijon-Prenois circuit, there are parallel races for other enthusiasts: those of small displacements. This is the case of Olivia Zomparelli, 17, the youngest driver of this great gathering!

The races follow one another on the Dijon-Prenois circuit and the public is there on this sunny Saturday, May 28!

On the big circuit, the Moto Légende Cups give pride of place to old motorcycles, whether Grand-Prix, Endurance or Café Racer.
The small circuit is reserved for motorcycles under 50cm³.

In the area assigned to the various clubs and associations, is the tent of the former German brand Zündapp where Olivia Zomparelli and her father have taken up residence for the weekend.

The 17-year-old is participating for the first time in this major gathering in the category of motorcycles under 50 cm³. She is also the youngest driver of this great weekend dedicated to two-wheelers.

It’s incredible, the atmosphere is great and it’s really impressive to see all these bikes!

It was Olivia’s father, a motorcycle enthusiast and regular at this unmissable event, who decided to register her this year.

If Olivia is often on her 1963 Motobécane Chaudron to go for short rides or meet her friends, nothing to do with a real race on a real circuit! For the Coupes Moto Légende, she takes to the circuit on the handlebars of her mother’s motorcycle, a 1981 Motobécane.

My father passed on his passion to me, we often go on “father-daughter” outings.

Obviously, Olivia is impatiently awaiting the year of her 18th birthday to pass her motorcycle license (category A) and ride with a larger displacement.
If she really likes old motorcycles, she admits that their “capricious” side slows her down a bit.

Even if this race is dedicated to motorcycles under 50 cm³, safety equipment remains compulsory and Olivia’s father is very attentive to it!

It’s the big moment for Olivia who sets off on the handlebars of her motorcycle on the small circuit at the beginning of the afternoon with other enthusiasts.
The young pilot, who arrived with great apprehension, lets herself be carried away by this new experience.

She is very quickly overtaken by models much faster than hers, but no matter!

The young woman is delighted with this first participation in the Coupes Moto Légende and says she is ready to renew the experience in the years to come… perhaps on the big circuit this time!