Olivia Newton-John has sold her luxury home after being diagnosed with stage four cancer

After the diagnosis, Olivia Newton-John decided to sell her luxury homes for a noble cause.

In 2019, shortly after the legendary actress was diagnosed with stage four cancer, Olivia Newton-John decided to sell most of his luxury houses. The star of Grease made this decision because he wanted to invest in his foundation and wellness center instead, so he wanted to help others.

Olivia loved helping people. In the last two decades, he tried to give as much as possible

an insider told The Post.

It turned out that the world star wanted to leave behind something that would last and that his daughter, Chloe Rose Lattanzi, could also benefit from. The first property Olivia sold was her horse farm in California for $5.4 million in 2019. Not long after, he also sold his farm in Australia. The estate went to a new owner for $4.6 million. The actress planted 5,000 trees on this farm before selling it.

He spent his last days here

Olivia Newton-John lived in her home in California before her death. In October 2021, the actress officially transferred full ownership of the Santa Barbara estate to her husband, John Easterling, who refinanced the mortgage with $2.5 million.

He gave a lot

The world star has invested in the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center at Melbourne’s Austin Hospital. It created the facility in 2012 at a cost of $189 million. In recent years, she also launched the Olivia Newton-John Foundation.

The idea is to fund research into better ways to treat cancer, prevent cancer and live with cancer

said Olivia Newton-John in her 2020 interview with Forbes.