Olivia Rodrigo is the first woman to break a record involving more than 3 billion views

At just 19 years old, he broke a very difficult barrier to break. Olivia Rodrigo became the first woman who manages to have three songs from the same album with more than a thousand reproductions on Spotify. Thus, one of the pop princesses is already in history. All with her recording debut.

It is known that Sour It was one of the most listened albums of the last year. And to show three examples: “Deja vu”, “Drivers License” y “Good 4 U” They add together more than three billion reproductions.

Since she released “Drivers License”, her debut single in solo career, they were all good for the artist. Tres Grammymillions of views on YouTube and recognition from their peers and the public prove it.

“I definitely think it’s a huge confidence boost to see so many people resonate with what I have to say. I am very grateful for that. I’m always a little hard on myself,” she explained. And she added: “I always strive to be better. And I think I’ll never change no matter how much success my songs get”.

“It’s crazy, but I have amazing friends who are very honest with me and keep me grounded. My life has changed drastically, but at the end of the day, I’m like the same person doing the same things in my everyday life.”

Olivia Rodrigo: new album underway

A photo he posted with the producer And Negroes in the study unleashed a wave of rumors and expectation. Olivia Rodrigo has a new album in progress. “We are always sharing ideas back and forth and have been making time to work together in the studio. I trust him a lot and really enjoy the music we’ve been making,” the singer explained to Billboard.

Singer became one of the great stars of the pop music with only one album. In 2023 the second will be published and you will have to revalidate all the achievements of it.

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