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Olivier Faure: "Do we want elected robots or flesh and blood beings?"

By entrusting him with the keys of the list, Olivier Faure put a lot of money on Raphaël Glucksmann. First look of the boss of the Socialist Party before the home stretch.

What is your assessment of Glucksmann's first steps?

The campaign begins. Raphael is the new man of this election. He had the courage to commit himself, where so many others are sinking into the ease of commentary. It's true, so it's baffling. Politics dies formatted speeches. Do we want elected officials-robots or beings of flesh and blood, still capable of empathy? Do we want candidates who defend their business or want to gather around the emergency? If we have ten years to save the planet, it is now that we must open it and act.

What does it bring to the PS?

The good question is: what can the PS, Public Place, New Deal bring together around common struggles? This list is the union of fighters who will shake the purring Brussels. Eric Andrieu boss of the commission of inquiry on pesticides, Claire Nouvian, founder of an NGO, Nobel Prize for Ecology, Sylvie Guillaume, vice-president of the European Parliament, specialist in migration issues, Aurore Lalucq, energy transition economist, Pierre Larrouturou, co-author of the finance-climate pact, Jérôme Karsenti, Anticor's lawyer … It's heavy! They are not linked to any lobby, have demonstrated their independence, their freedom.

Glucksmann enough to seduce again?

I do not want to seduce, but to convince. Demonstrate that environmental, social and democratic issues have changed our approaches. We are historically the party of wage labor. We were first a productivist party. We evolve. Social democracy is at the origin of the French and European social model. It must now be the force that assumes the marriage between social and ecology. Ecology without the social is the carbon tax with Macron sauce. It's punitive ecology. The social without ecology is Chernobyl. The ecology associated with social justice is the green ISF. That is to say, the contribution of large fortunes to the thermal renovation of homes to make purchasing power to all French through the drastic drop in their energy bill.

You have been head of the Socialists for a year, what do you remember?

The symbol is the move of the headquarters to a popular neighborhood [à Ivry-sur-Seine, ndlr]. Basically, it is a European project adopted unanimously, which has never happened since the 2005 referendum. The courage is to have taken stock of our past action where all the other political forces remained in denial of their defeat. The method is a list in Europe where our openness is not fake. Everyone is talking about gathering but at the condition that it be behind him. We agreed to answer the call of a force from civil society because we believe that this offer opens a path to all those who want to bring together the left and the environmentalists. The time for small calculations must give way to that of great convictions. Mine is simple. We must open a credible alternative to the current power to avoid a democratic catastrophe! Macron's liberalism can not be the only alternative to Le Pen's national-populism.

Rachid Laïreche



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