With the release of his new album "You Know I Know" on November 9, Olly Murs celebrates his tenth anniversary of music business. In an interview he talks about his search for love, his love for Germany and why you should never pretend to be in society.
Olly Murs (34, "Moves") became famous in 2009 through the British talent show "The X Factor" and has since gone on to make a steep career. His hits "Troublemaker" with Flo Rida (39, "Low") or "Dear Darlin '" made it into the German Top 10. After the last few years it has become a bit calmer for the British, the 34-year-old now announces all the louder. His song "Moves" with Snoop Dogg (47) is not only the theme song of the movie "Johnny English – Man lives only three times", on November 9th his new album "You Know I Know" will be released, with Murs celebrating his tenth anniversary Music business celebrates. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, he reveals why he is still looking for love and why it is so important to always stay yourself. Her new album "You Know, I Know" consists of two discs with twelve songs each. What's it all about?

 Olly Murs: One disc contains the songs that my fans already know. That's why she's called "You Know". It contains my songs from the last ten years. The new songs are on the other CD called "I Know". That's the concept of the album. On the new album, you will sing about love in many songs, such as "Love Me Again," "Mark On My Heart," or "Take Your Love." Does this have personal reasons? Murs: I try to find the love! Well, I'm joking. I liked the songs, I was able to identify with the lyrics, so I chose them for the album. Besides, love is everywhere – you can not escape it. The single "Moves" is also about self-confidence. Something that many young people are struggling with. What tips can you give your younger fans along the way? Murs: When you learn to love yourself, you can also love other people. In addition, one should not pretend to society. That just makes you unhappy in the end. Most important is to be and stay as you are. At least that's what I'm doing. And if someone does not accept and like me the way I am, that's just how it is. "Moves" is also the title song of the movie "Johnny English – Man lives only three times" with Rowan Atkinson. Are you a fan of the film series? Murs: It's a cheerful movie. I saw him and laughed with tears. He is really, very funny. They will go on tour in England next year. Do you already know if you are coming to Germany? Murs: It all depends on how the album will reach the fans. I love Germany and was fortunate enough to perform there a few times. So I hope that I can come back for a few gigs. In 2009 they participated in the sixth season of the British talent show "The X Factor". Would you recommend casting shows to up-and-coming artists? Murs: Of course, everyone should decide for themselves if this path is for you, but why not? This is a way to publicize his music. One Direction, Little Mix or other artists have made a name for themselves in talent shows. Others have become famous through YouTube. The good thing about today's music industry is that there are many ways to be seen or heard.


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