Olot and Llagostera have announced their position on the proposal to end the 2019-20 season, after the meeting with the Catalan Football Federation (FCF). The two Second B Girona clubs agree that it is necessary ensure security in accordance with health authorities, although the club chaired by Isabel Tarragó goes further than that “The best thing to do with this campaign is to invalidate it”.

In a statement from the board, the players and the coaching staff, the Lobster It has advanced this afternoon that “without a doubt, it would be fair to end the season but that It is not compatible with guaranteeing the health and life of our players, coaches, fans and everyone who works around football. “Asking the course to be null and void, the club emphasizes that”in no case is it fair that no team can or cannot be down without having played every game, “and he says it,” from naturalness and common interest, because, due to our position at the table (13th), we would not go down or go up. “

If the RFEF decides to end the League, the Llagostera believes that the play-off must be “among the top four classified in the first lap”. The Barça player urged that “all of us be sensible and work for the health and life of individuals and most institutions”, while also expressing “full support for RFEF and FCF in this difficult time”.

For its part, the Olot considers that “it would be fair to have the competition end up playing with its 38 matches when the health authorities allow it and with every possible guarantee” because “any other decision will, unfortunately, cause each club to defend a solution that is adjust to their sporting and economic interests. ” In this sense, the entity chaired by Joan Agustí believes that if the “planned competition schedule” is not finally respected, the best solution would be “not to fall out of the category”; “play between teams in the same group one play-off with the top eight in the current standings“(Olot is 7th); and” a rule similar to the Third Division “should apply.


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