Sports Olot is a good cheer

Olot is a good cheer


In football, every victory is worth three points and is a source of joy, but there are those that leave an added satisfaction for all the suffering that comes with achieving them. This is what happened to Olot yesterday in the very difficult field of the Ebro, where eHe took all three points in a magnificent exercise of office and endurance.

The piglets gave everything to the field, sweat hard and ran like animals to defend against the total siege that the Ebro, in the second half, put to the ball of Pol Ballesté. Goals from Kilian Grant – with the help of local Palomares – and Alan Baró, in the first half, turned the home side's goal Lolo Garrido off and gave them an advantage that Olot knew how to keep during a great second half, where a third goal – occasionally to do it – would have avoided the final suffering. There was no way to beat Ballesté, and in the end, Olot, who played the last eight minutes in numerical inferiority following a direct red card kick from Soler, sang a victory.

Until yesterday, the Ebro had only lost one game as a lpcal and the visit to Pedro Sancho was presented as a complicated enough departure for an Olot who had not won at home since the beginning of November in Ejea. Raúl Garrido did not have a good start at the game, they had no time to sweat and saw how the Aragonese dominated the scoreboard.

The Ebro advanced early thanks to a goal from Lolo Garrido. Things didn't look good for a sleepy Olot who was at risk of escaping from Zaragoza if he didn't wake up. Interestingly, the 1-0 served to calm the locals and wake up the piglets who reacted immediately with a shot at the crossbar before the equalizing goal. The equalizer came thanks to a gallop from Soler on the right side whose centered between Kilian Grant and the local Palomares ended up ending at the bottom of the goal for Loscos.

With the equalizer tied, the best version of an Olot was shown, who did well to get ahead. He did not make it to the halfway point thanks to a goal from Alan Baró after a free kick from Héctor Simon. With the victory of Girona came to the half. The home side went for the halftime break, and decided to reverse the score.

With the help of Stéphane Emaná, the Aragonese enjoyed two great chances to draw. The former Nastic striker topped Ballesté's hands first and out shortly thereafter. Despite the local siege, Peque had the sentence in his boots a couple of times that would have avoided the final suffering, already with 10 men after Soler saw the red (m.82). All three points were in the drawer.


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