Olympic Gold Medalist Émilie Andéol Shares Judo Experience in Montauban Dojo

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Olympic champion in Rio in 2016, Émilie Andéol went after her dream. Since then, she has been distilling her experience, like this Saturday at the Montauban dojo, in front of the licensees but not only.

A little less than a year ago, Émilie Andéol was already in Montauban, invited by the Montauban sports office, to talk about her life, her gold medal, and her after the Olympics. Yesterday, she was back in the city of Ingres at the invitation of the Departmental Judo Committee. And this time it is with her kimono that she came. Since her title, Émilie Andéol has changed status. A gold medal changes everything; and the look of the children who asked him questions but above all asked for a lot of photos, says a lot. And it was with great pleasure that she was finally able to come (a first visit had been canceled last year). “I am delighted to respond positively to this request. Last year I was told that the Montauban dojo was magnificent; I can now realize that” she explained with a broad smile. The one who readily concedes that she “is not a coach” still had a lot of fun throughout the day, starting in the morning by leading a session specifically devoted to all the women in the department, licensed or not. “It’s a big first for me only with women” also rejoiced the champion. Just over 60 registrants took part in the event. This Saturday afternoon we crossed a threshold with regional training for licensed competitors, from 12 years old.

This beginning of the year is active in the committee since it organizes on Saturday January 28, always at the house of martial arts of Montauban, a big day with a National Open Kata (technical demonstration imposed) with couples coming from all over France, from Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Belgium; followed from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. by the traditional vows ceremony, with honoring of new black belts (including senior 6th, 7th, and 8th dan), presentation of federal distinctions to volunteers and teachers.

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