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In an interview with Var Azur, Mourad Boudjellal announces that he does not intend to withdraw from SC Toulon. If the offer to buy OM is successful, he suggests that he could occupy the presidency of the two clubs.

OM: Boudjellal sees himself pr

Between Toulon and OM, Boudjellal does not want to choose

The right strategy is the winner. We’ll see the end. But hey, let’s start cutting the sound. On Wednesday, Mourad Boudjellal announced in L’Equipe his intention to be more discreet now in the media. But before that, the former boss of the Toulon rugby club still had things to say. With words that will still thunder more than one.

Boudjellal announces his arrival Toulon …

After announcing last week that he could not not hold [s]es commitments with the Toulon Sporting Club If the buyout offer from Olympique de Marseille that he wears was accepted by the current owner Frank McCourt, Boudjellal made a completely different speech in an interview with Var Azur and ensures that he will indeed become the next president. of the club relegated to National 2.

I’m going to arrive at the Sporting Club in Toulon, he says. Unless someone says to me: “In the end we don’t want anymore”. I have a commitment with Toulon, I said and repeated that I want this club to go up in Ligue 1. For me, it’s in two stages. We will take care of the first one and then we will see what will happen in the next six months, in the next two years.

… and wants to stay there even as president of OM

Of course if I go to Marseille and Sporting goes up to Ligue 2, there will be a real choice to make , he continues. So we understand here that Boudjellal plans to work … for the two clubs. Clearly, if the Marseille buyout project was successful, Boudjellal was chaired by OM and SCT until the return of the Toulon club in L2. He would then have to decide between the two clubs.

What would be his preference then? I don’t know, admits the businessman. I have sixty years of Toulon life. I would have two or three elsewhere, depending on the time that Toulon takes. In my opinion three years is the maximum. If has happened, I don’t know what I’m going to experience. But my children are born in Toulon … These are statements that should not necessarily delight Marseille supporters who are already wary. A feeling probably shared on the side of Toulon …

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