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OM : Gameiro explain sa face-to-face

by archyw

the 20/07/2021 16h10

Free since the end of his contract in Valencia, Kevin Gameiro (34) was very close to signing up for Olympique de Marseille before changing his mind at the last minute at the end of June. Finally returned to Strasbourg, which presented him on Tuesday, the striker admitted half-word that his past as a Paris Saint-Germain player had an influence on his about-face.

“Marseille is a choice. We are not going to do it again … I discussed a lot with the president and the coach there. We know that it is a particular context, especially when we are a former Parisian …, slipped the Habs in a press conference. It was a more personal choice, because I think that the ambitions of the club are also very high there. I would simply tell you that it is a personal choice and it is for that that I refused the offer from Marseille. “

Critics from Marseille supporters, who had emerged from old statements where Gameiro claimed that it would be difficult for him to sign OM one day, certainly weighed in the balance… To the delight of Strasbourg!

(By Romain Lantheaume)

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