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OM: Pamela Anderson receives valuable support for personal attacks

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      The presence of Pamela Anderson in the cast of Dance with the stars makes a lot of talk. And not only positively.
Indeed, the former playmate and actress of Alerte à Malibu is the figurehead of the TF1 program that starts on September 29th. But a persistent rumor describes her as a diva who only participates in this show for the money.
Painful accusations that drove his dancing partner, Maxime Dereymez, who spoke on the subject on Instagram.
In defense of Pamela Anderson, the dancer also emphasized his courage as she has to overcome a painful thigh injury. "I'm not supposed to officially reveal who I'm dancing with this season but I take the risk. What I read today in the media makes me boil and I can not remain silent about the situation! Being so determined despite her injury, as modest despite her celebrity, as touching and human despite her career … In short, Pamela is a woman's love, maybe rock'n'roll but certainly not diva, which is addressed to all world naturally and without barriers. As for training, she is so motivated that I, her coach, I am forced to slow down, to avoid the risk of aggravating her injury! Finally, beware of the media and do not believe the bastard bastards swing for free, just because it's easy … "



    Posted on 23 September 2018 at 23 h 45 min


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