OM suspects ‘fake nurse’ of unauthorized administration of medicines

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Justice is investigating a ‘fake nurse’ who is said to have administered medicines to patients at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch, without his authority. The Public Prosecution Service announced this on Thursday.

The suspect, a 24-year-old Bosschenaar, would have pretended to be a nurse for thirteen days without the proper papers. According to it Brabants Dagblad the Bosschenaar is said to have obtained a doctor’s uniform and card, with which he could work in the hospital.

In the hospital, the suspect not only administered medicines, but also monitored patients. He is said to have helped in the emergency department and the corona department. In addition, the man would have viewed 25 to 30 patient records. Six of these patients died. It is not known whether this is due to the actions of the Bosschenaar.

‘Very serious’

The suspect was arrested on May 18 and is still detained. The Public Prosecution Service suspects the man of inflicting serious physical injuries due to the unauthorized administration of medicines to patients. He is also suspected of fraud and forgery. The investigation is still ongoing and the Public Prosecution Service is currently speaking with employees of the hospital and relatives of the suspect. The 24-year-old man himself remains silent, which makes the investigation ‘complex’ according to the Public Prosecution Service.

The Public Prosecution Service speaks of ‘very serious suspicions with great risks’, especially for the affected patients. “At that time they were (seriously) ill in the hospital and expected to be treated there by personnel who were qualified and authorized to do so. There is every reason to investigate this matter extensively and we are now working on it, ”said the press officer.



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