OM takeover: Boudjellal’s new ironic message

LE SCAN SPORT – The former president of the RCT posted a message on Sunday evening about the buyout of OM.

In negotiations to buy OM from the McCourt clan, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, the Franco-Tunisian businessman who manages this file, can count on the support and the media presence of Mourad Boudjellal. The former president of the RCT, very comfortable with the media, multiplies more or less confidential outings. The latest one? An ironic message posted on Twitter Sunday evening, in which he wrote: “We will pay for coffee, I promise.” A message that echoes rumors about the lack of solvency (and seriousness) of the businessman at the head of the project to buy OM.

“What people say is not true,” Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi said in the columns of Provence Friday about it. When they say that I can’t pay for a coffee or that I have a 350,000 euros bill at the Georges-V, it makes me laugh. It is also said that I am condemned in Tunisia for carrying a weapon. But it’s wrong”. Started for several weeks, the OM takeover project remains for the moment awaiting significant progress. The McCourt clan does not officially wish to sell the Marseille club. In an interview at Figaro on July 9, the businessman told us that he wanted to calm down with Frank McCourt, while revealing his dreams of bringing Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinédine Zidane to OM.



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