oman labor federation: low wage reform in the country; Committee appointed Oman – oman labor federation marks international workers day

Oman appoints Social Dialogue Committee to reform country’s minimum wage Sheikh Nasser Amar Al Hosni, Under Secretary of the Ministry of Oman, made the announcement. He was speaking at the International Labor Day celebrations organized by the General Federation of Oman Workers’ Coalition. In addition, such a committee is made up of three parties: the Government (Ministry of Labor), the General Federation of Oman Workers and the Oman Chamber.

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There is a lot of talk coming up about paying the minimum wage. Large-scale studies will be conducted in this regard. It is necessary to carry out large-scale studies on certain issues, including inflation and economic criteria, and only then will a clear decision be made. The services rendered by the Oman Labor Unions during the Kovid epidemic are noteworthy. Labor Undersecretary Al Hosni praised their contributions. According to media reports, Nabhan Ahmed Al Batashi, chairman of the General Federation of Oman Workers’s, said wage reforms should only be made in consultation with social partners.

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The aim is to highlight the role of workers in the development of the country. There was a great deal of discussion about this on International Labor Day. The minister had a meeting with trade unions and other representatives on the occasion. Creating great solutions to improve the work environment in the private sector. The aim is to solve the problems in this area and move forward.

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