Omar Daf: “We must never lose this game”

In a post-match press conference, Omar Daf spoke about the defeat of his team against the Girondins, during the ninth day of Ligue 2.

The Dijon coach regrets the mistakes that led his team to lose the game. A scenario which, according to him, should not have taken place:

“Bordeaux had a good start to the game. After the first quarter of an hour, we started to be dangerous. We also had situations in the first half. I think the penalty puts them in front and we know that on this kind of meetings, psychologically, it’s better. Then in the second half, they were also in difficulty. We went to look for them higher, we got situations. Which is regrettable on this kind of meetings is to see so many mistakes that make you lose the match, because you must never lose it.”

Transcription made by us