Amr Khairat revived the fifth night of the Arab Music Festival in his 27 th session, which was the full ceremony. The tickets were sold out after a few hours. The tickets were divided into 3 categories: 1000 EGP, 750 LE and LE550. .

Khairat presented many of his musical pieces, including "Dead Execution", in which he extended his greetings to the armed forces and the police, as well as the music of "Khawaja Abdul Qadir", "Neighbors of the Hana", "Sleeping in Honey", " Amr Saber, Mafia, Aarefa, Am Ahmed, Bakhil and I, and 100 Years of Cinema.

In the first part of the concert, Khairat presented a number of fascinating musical pieces with which the audience interacted, including "divination", "magic perfumes", "life is a life", "take care of your mind" "In the night of the night," "the question of principle," "love," "love," "preacher," and "sweet."

The festival includes 43 artistic performances on seven theaters: Al Kabeer, Al Saghir, the Arab Music Institute, the Republic of Egypt, Damanhour, Alexandria and Tanta, with the participation of 72 artists from 8 Arab countries. The late star Shadia was chosen as a character this year. The late Michelle Masri and the violinist Saad Mohamed Hassan.



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