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Omar Vizquel’s wife charges $ 50 in her OnlyFans (+ PHOTOS)

by archyw

One more time the ex-wife, but still the wife of Omar Vizquel, Blanca García, flake the titles of the press after Internet users They will filter out several of their pornographic photos found on their OnlyFans profile. You are right! The woman joined the adult content platform and offers quite explicit material on her account.

According to the screenshots showing the “hot” postcards, the subscription to view the content is officially priced at $ 50 per month. In the description of the profile, Blanca points out: “She is a QUEEN as she believes in herself… Hi guys, welcome to my OnlyFans page! Here’s a glimpse of my life … up close. Thanks for being here”.

Although at the end of last year the ex-wife of the ex-grandeliga publicly denounced him for alleged domestic violence, Blanca still carries the last name of the one who played for the Cleveland Indians.

Even in OnlyFans it is identified with the surname of the Golden Glove, in addition, in sexual poses stands out with a ring that apparently could be the jewel of marriage; However, the rock carries it on the middle finger of his left hand, with which he plays to put it in his mouth while showing off his naked figure.

Between transparent bras and lingerie clothes, García set fire to social networks after the leak of his postcards.

It is worth remembering that after pointing out the expelotero of sexual, physical and emotional aggression, García said: “I am stronger than ever, mentally, physically and spiritually. I have a long way to go because domestic violence, physical violence of any kind, to men to women to children, has no explanation (…), no one should go through a situation like that. Nobody deserves to be violated ”.

Complaint from Omar Vizquel’s wife

It was last October that Blanca denounced the former player for having violated her on different occasions. “I am in a divorce process. It is a strong process, where the man wants me to shut my mouth, and that is his request, that I keep my mouth shut so as not to damage his career, so as not to damage his Hall of Fame, but he never thought of me or my well-being ” he said at the time.

However, Omar Vizquel spoke out and denied all the accusations against him. Let me be clear and unequivocal. I have never hit or been violent with my wife Blanca. Any accusation to the contrary is false ”. In addition, he confessed that on different occasions García accompanied several consultations with the doctor, because supposedly Blanca has “a mental health condition.”

The last publicly known about the ex-partner is that they were in the middle of a divorce process.

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