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The ombudsman, Walter Gutierrez, presented a bill before the Congress of the republic to establish essential requirements that must be met by any person who is to be appointed as Minister of State, including the position at the head of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The initiative specifically seeks to regulate the “suitability and guarantee of human rights” in the ministers of State, which is why it proposes incorporating an article in Law 29158, Organic Law of the Executive Power, to list the requirements that cabinet members must meet. .

In the first place, it is mentioned that they must be Peruvian by birth, citizens in exercise, have more than 25 years and not have a conviction issued in the first instance, as an author or accomplice, for the commission of a malicious crime “.

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“Not having been pardoned or amnestied as a consequence of a conviction for the commission of a malicious crime, of a multi-offensive nature or that involves an attack against the powers of the State and the constitutional order”says the document.

Ombudsman’s Office asks to regulate requirements to be ministers.

It is also mentioned as a restriction that does not have a prosecutor’s accusation regarding crimes against humanity or against territorial integrity, or violence against women and members of the family group.

Neither can someone be elected as minister who has been convicted of refusing to recognize children or having omitted family assistance.

“Not having been dismissed by the public administration for a very serious offense or for a violation of the transparency regime, access to public information and good governance or for having violated the ethical principles or values ​​in the exercise of a profession “, indicates the initiative.

Ombudsman's Office asks to regulate requirements to be ministers.
Ombudsman’s Office asks to regulate requirements to be ministers.

Congress will control affidavits

The project of the Ombudsman’s Office establishes that each minister must sign a sworn statement that must be sent to the Congress of the Republic, which will have a period of 7 days to have the corresponding control.


Cerrón makes a tantrum
Cerrón makes a tantrum


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