Omicron victims 578, followed by Delhi, Maharashtra and Kerala

New Delhi: The spread of Omicron in the country has reached a critical stage. The Ministry of Health has confirmed 578 cases. The highest number of patients is in Delhi – 143. Maharashtra is just behind with 141 people. Kerala is third with 57 cases. It is followed by Gujarat (49) and Rajasthan (43). Night curfews have been declared in ten states.
Kovid confirmed 6531 cases in the last 24 hours. There are 75,841 active cases in the country. Row recovery rate is 98.40%.

Health Minister Veena George said 19 more people in the state have been confirmed to have Omicron. Omikron has confirmed Ernakulam 11, Thiruvananthapuram 6, Thrissur and Kannur one each. Those diagnosed in Ernakulam are from the UK 3, UAE 2, Ireland 2, Spain 1, Canada 1, Qatar 1 and the Netherlands 1. The confirmed cases in Thiruvananthapuram are from UK 1, Khana 1 and Qatar 1. Omicron was infected through contact with 3 people. The person from Thrissur came from UAE and the person from Kannur came from Sharjah. With this, Omikron has been confirmed for a total of 57 people in the state.

23, 44, 23 year olds from UK, 28 and 24 year olds from UAE, 37 year olds from Ireland, 8 years old, 23 year olds from Spain, 30 year olds from Canada, 37 year olds from Qatar and 26 years old from the Netherlands.

The 26 – year – old from the UK, the 55 – year – old from Khana, the 53 – year – old from Qatar, the 58 – year – old, the 65 – year – old and the 34 – year – old were diagnosed in Thiruvananthapuram.


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