Omicron wave: Small children are often immune to corona in the medium wave

“This is the first study to determine antibodies against the new coronavirus in small children after the omicron wave in Germany,” emphasizes study author Dr. Geraldine Engels. So far it has been clear that many small children must have been infected by the Omicron variant – but how many exactly was measured for the first time, in this case 69.9 percent. This also made it possible to determine a relatively high rate of children who are currently immune to Covid-19. In addition, the effectiveness of the vaccinations was shown, because the boys and girls who had already received a vaccine (13.9 percent) had ten times the amount of antibodies in their blood than the children who had only had one infection.

“This means that at least a certain protective effect against the new corona virus can be assumed for most children,” explains Prof. Johannes Liese, head of the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology. For the expert, complex and stressful measures such as daycare closures or general tests of asymptomatic children no longer seem justified in the current phase of the corona pandemic. In a further research step, even more age groups and also the burden on parents and children during the course of the pandemic are to be examined.