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Omid Scobie is back in the press, but when has he done it? forever missing? Regardless, the Sussex spokesperson has appeared in the controversial BBC interview, The Prince and the Press, where he (obviously) defends Meghan Markle. Now, we have to look at these two individuals and how they deserve each other. However, before we begin, this does not mean that we are biased because we are not on the same wavelength. Having observed their behavior and their constant contradictions, we have seen how similar they are to each other.

Our opinions, however, do not matter, as it is an investigative exercise. It’s about how Omid and Meghan seem unaware of their air of entitlement and lack of responsibility and how they lack credibility. So, let’s jump to that.

Fame and fortune

One of the things that sets Omid and Meghan apart from most people is that they gave them their careers and their privileges.

Omid did not work hard as he claims. His father is Bill Scobie, a blues musician and alleged businessman, according to The Steeple Times. We also hear on the vine that Omid supposedly got to where he is today due to his non-journalistic contacts, aka his father. We did a post on Omid a while ago about who he was before he became the spokesperson for Meghan and Harry.

Now when we examine Omid and his net worth, we find several questionable websites that say the same thing; which is worth $ 800k, and one such source is Biography Mask. Now even the aforementioned Steeple Times article questions this, while his own source claims the same for the guy’s net worth.

We wonder how much Omid is really worth because no journalist, no matter how in demand, is worth that amount of money. For him to have that much money, he would have to be at least a part-time presenter on a morning chat show like Good morning Great Britain. Just writing for magazines and newspapers doesn’t make that much money.

Moving on to Meghan and her father gave her the best life possible. It allowed him to travel the world with his mother. He came to be on televisions due to his father’s work. Hell, he could even afford to send her to private schools that cost thousands of dollars a year. It is speculated that he was worth, before he met Harry, at least $ 5 million according to some sources. Others say it was less, but she was not poor as she claimed.

Omid, Meghan and their credibility

We all know that Meghan is a compulsive liar who lives in her little fantasy world where she believes her falsehoods are real. Meanwhile, Omid falls in love with everything he says and acts as his (un) official spokesperson. This brings us to the credibility of both.

Your credibility skyrockets. There we said it. Meghan committed perjury, thanks to Jason Knauf submitting those tweets and emails to the court during the appellate court case. However, we doubt that she will be penalized for this and it would not be surprising. She has gotten away with so much that she will continue to run mad, drunk on her power.

Meghan’s credibility has plunged into negative numbers in the past year. During Oprah’s interview earlier in the year, almost everything she said was shown to be false. We did a lot of debunking and even now, we’re still talking about it. We chronicled a large collection of publications under the label “Oprah Interview.”

Moving on to the court case and while Meghan bragged earlier this month that she had won the case, the appeal shows that her cards may have been exhausted. Former Communications Secretary Jason Knauf revealed emails and text messages to prove that Markle had worked with Omid and Carolyn Durand on Find freedom. But he gave the information to Jason so he wouldn’t look suspicious. However, the blurb at the end of the book suggested that the Sussexes had worked with the authors. This is a note taken from Diana’s book when she denied having participated in Diana: her true story por Andrew Morton.

Ignore his reverse

We all know that Meghan’s narrative about how she was a victim of racism, discrimination and hatred are products of her imagination. But where does Omid sit in all of this? Well, let’s remember when Archie was born in May 2019. Here’s Scobie’s tweet:

Then, in March 2021, Omid admits that Meghan could have been wrong about why Archie was not given a title when she discussed it with Oprah. Just to clarify, this was when the former actress claimed (without proof) that her son had no title because of his ethnicity. It was also here that he said that Archie was the first half-breed child in the royal family. It is not, for those wondering. Lady Davina Windsor has two biracial children with her ex-husband, who is a New Zealander.

Simply put, Omid makes one claim and then claims something else, based on what Meghan (and / or Harry) says. Going back to the above, the keyword for all of this is “could have.” Omid is destined to be an expert / journalist for royalty, whatever it is you want to brand yourself. However, you cannot be such things when you cannot keep your stories straight. Also, like the Sussexes, he believes the world is going to believe his lies when people verify everything.

Playing the world for fools?

Do Omid and Meghan think the world is fooled by them? Yes, we think so. What Scobie does is not journalism. Repeat everything Markle says and hope people will fall for it, but why would he do this? Out of sympathy for himself. He claimed that he is the only real journalist of mixed race. According to Richard Kay’s article in Spanish, there are at least two and the second is Roya Nikkhah. Here is a screenshot of the article.

Better than most

In conclusion, what we have noticed about Omid and Meghan is that they see themselves as better than anyone else. They use their biracial identities as shields to avoid consequences. How can Meghan come up with a lie about crawling in the back of her car almost twenty years ago but can’t remember the emails sent three years ago?

Omid, on the other hand, sees himself as the top journalist because he “identifies” with Meghan’s “struggles” as a biracial person. However, this does not entitle you to criticize others in your field for “not understanding.” He, like his facilitator, is a blindfolded narcissist, ready to play the victim.


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