On Airbus planes you can nap in the cargo area

On Airbus planes you can nap in the cargo area

It will not be a room with a view, but it can help to avoid tension in the neck. Passengers traveling by airplanes Airbus SE Soon they will be able to go down to the cargo hold to take a good nap. The European aircraft manufacturer is working with the seat manufacturer Zodiac Aerospace in the design and construction of beds to install in the cargo areas of the lower deck. The bunk beds will be offered initially in airplanes Airbus A330 of wide-body after 2020, companies reported this week at a conference held in Hamburg. The idea of ​​specially designed sleeping areas on airplanes was also raised last month by the chief executive of Qantas Airways Ltd. , Alan Joyce, who said the airline is studying options to make long-haul flights more bearable for passengers. Qantas is exploring direct links from Australia to the United States and Europe that would require travelers to spend 17 consecutive hours in flight. Joyce said the airline could introduce a new structure of four classes, where part of the cargo area would be used for beds. According to the plan Airbus , bunk beds would be installed as modules that could be quickly replaced by regular load equipment during a normal scale of an aircraft at an airport. In the past, warehouses were designed as resting areas for the cabin crew and for religious facilities. The airlines will be able to modernize the old planes with the modules or install them on an airplane that leaves the production line, according to the manufacturer. Airbus It is also studying the possibility of offering similar compartments on its A350 plane.

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