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On board the new Audi RS 3. It’s even capable of “walking sideways”

by archyw

It raises the bar again in the new generation of Audi RS 3, the result of an improved chassis with more sophisticated electronics, plus an extra boost in engine torque and responsiveness. The result is one of the fastest and most competent compact sports cars on the market, which may cause some apprehension to direct rivals from Munich (M2 Competition) and Affalterbach (A 45 S).

Yes, there are still a few petrol-engined sports cars making headlines these days where electric mobility sweeps almost everything and the new RS 3 is definitely an exhilarating one hatch (now entering its 3rd generation), but also sedan (2nd generation).

In addition to a more modern and aggressive exterior design and an updated dashboard with the latest infotainment developments, some adjustments were made to the chassis and engine to make it faster and dynamically more competent than before, and we were on the test track of the ADAC to experience the result, on the passenger seat.

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