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On D-2 of a crucial vote, Theresa May warns of a "catastrophic" rejection of the agreement

Theresa May, British Prime Minister, January 10, 2019 in London. – REX / Shutterstock / SIPA

Theresa May urged members of parliament on Sunday to endorse her widely-held Brexit agreement, failing to plunge the UK into a "catastrophic" situation in a last-ditch plea
two days of a crucial vote in Parliament.

The House of Commons will vote Tuesday on this agreement lengthily and hardly negotiated with the European Union, but it is likely to be rejected, vilified both by the Brexiters fearing a form of permanent stowage to the EU or by Europhiles hoping to backtrack.

Rejecting the agreement would be "a catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust"

The British Prime Minister, who has been fighting for several weeks to defend the validity of the text, warned MEPs that they should not disappoint voters who voted in favor of Brexit in the June 2016 referendum. a catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust in our democracy, "she said in the eurosceptic tabloid Sunday Express. "My message to Parliament this weekend is simple: it's time to stop playing and do what's right for our country."

Originally scheduled for December, the vote on the deal was postponed at the last minute by Theresa May to avoid an announced defeat. If it is effectively recaled, the UK may leave the EU without agreement on March 29, a scenario feared by the business community, or on the contrary not to leave at all the European bloc, warned Theresa May.

Soon a motion of censorship of the Labor?

Wanting to capitalize on the prevailing chaos, Labor opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn once again called the BBC on Sunday for early general elections in the event of a rejection of the agreement, ensuring that his training would present "soon A motion of censure by the government. according to The ObserverLabor MPs were informed that it could be tabled "within hours" following a possible blocking of the agreement.

If the Labor came to power, Brexit could be delayed the time to negotiate a new agreement with Brussels, acknowledged Jeremy Corbyn.

The Irish border, a point of contention

Faced with the hostility of MEPs, Theresa May has sought from its European partners "assurances" likely to convince them, including the temporary nature of the "backstop" Irish. This last-resort solution, criticized by the Brexiters, must avoid the return of a physical border between Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland if no alternative solution was found at the end of a period of transition.

These assurances will be obtained "shortly before the vote," said a spokesman for the government, hinting that they would be presented Monday, while the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker also said that "all efforts" should be made to avoid the "catastrophe" of an exit without agreement.

The government on the sidelines?

The threat of a "no deal" has already been thwarted this week in Parliament, with the adoption of an amendment requiring the executive to submit in three days, in case of rejection of the agreement, a "plan B" amendable. Another amendment to a budget law, passed also thanks to the support of conservative Europhiles, limits the fiscal powers of the government in case of absence of agreement.

And, according to the Sunday Times, a group of rebellious deputies, from all parties, work to modify the rules of the House of Commons to allow their motions to prevail over the proposals of the government, which would then lose its "ability to govern" in case of rejection of the agreement. According to the newspaper, Downing Street is "extremely concerned" by this possibility that would give the hand to deputies, believing that it would allow them to delay Brexit by suspending article 50 of the EU Treaty governing the departure of a state. Member State, or even to backtrack on Brexit – scenarios categorically excluded by the executive.

Conservative MP Nick Boles, who favors keeping the UK in the common market, also explained in the weekly that he was studying ways to prevent an exit without agreement, saying he would reveal his plan on Tuesday.


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