Samozine celebrates his 39th birthday today, where he is considered one of the most prominent artists on the Egyptian scene, after the number of albums has reached number 9. The artist Samozine was one of the programs that was broadcast on the channel "Echo of the country" space to speak for the first time about his eldest daughter , Who is now 18 years old, where he entered a state of crying because of his talk about it, stressing that he was not aware of the responsibility of parenthood in the past. Samozin continued that he does not see his daughter very much, stressing that it has the right to boycott during the past years, This age group has a strong desire to practice parenthood with his children. Salt Emergence: the content of this story was written by the echo of the country and does not reflect the views of Egypt today, but was moved as its content from the echo of the country and we are not responsible for the content of the news and trust the source mentioned above.




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