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For the second year in a row, Ogle has been organizing a festival to raise public awareness of mental health and provide support to reduce the risk of suicide. Saturday, Sports 2 quarter, from At 14:00 there will be an opportunity to attend lecture educational workshops, which will be led by psychotherapist Ernests Pūliņš-Cinis, head of the association “Fathers” Elīna Kļaviņa, “Teenage Resource Center”, association “Skalbes” and others.

Along with the conversations, everyone will have the opportunity to participate and learn movement and dance therapy, conscious breathing, music therapy and participate in the quiz on mental health created by the Latvian Sacred Cross Youth. The event will be an opportunity to watch Kārlis Lesiņš’s film “Despair”, after which there will be an opportunity to meet the film’s actors and creative team.

At the end of the evening, musical concerts are expected, which will be performed by Latvian musicians – “Orange Holidays”, “Out-of-Town Communication”, “Sudden Lights” and urban musician Arturs Skutelis.

Alise Cepurīte, the organizer of the mini-festival “Ogle”: “When it comes to mental health, we want to provide support to those who need it and remind them -” You are not alone “. listening to the stories of peer people will help you find the right way for everyone to be able to fill their daily lives with joy “.

The association “Ogle” was founded in 2019, when after experiencing a tragedy in the family, it was decided that it is necessary to increase knowledge and understanding of suicide and depression in the society in order to draw attention to the importance of mental health.



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