On “sticky situations” and the importance of MLB making the rules clear

Major League Baseball’s lack of attention has placed it at a crossroads due to the use of substances to improve pitching grip during one of the worst offensive years in recent history.

MLB is at the center of a new storm that for years has been brewing under everyone’s noses for years, but has made its effects felt during one of the poorest offensive seasons in the “It was modern”From professional baseball USA. The discussion about the use by launchers of substances to improve grip is again in the spotlight.

Some hitters, such as the third baseman of Minnesota Twins, Josh Donaldson, have strongly criticized the players who engage in this practice, calling them cheats and even going so far as to say that it will make public a catalog of pitchers who allegedly use various types of substances that are not allowed, while it has directly attacked Gerrit Cole from New York Yankees for the fact.

Other players, like Pete Alonso from New York Mets, they have no problem in that the pitchers can use something more than the bags with a resin allowed by MLB and indicating that everything is conjugated in a very convenient way to affect the market value of some free agents, referring to the change of ball that was announced by Big leagues a few months ago.

The Dominican star of Washington Nationals, Juan Soto, shared his opinion in this regard during an interview with the Dominican journalist Yancen Pujols, indicating that he had no problem with the use of substances to improve the grip of the ball.

“They (pitchers) have to use their stuff because then they hit you in the head because the ball slipped out of their hands. Better that they put their matter on (substance to improve grip) and throw the ball through the square (strike zone) “, were the words of the young Dominican when he was questioned about it.

It’s no secret to anyone that for years pitchers have sought to gain an advantage over hitters, which includes the use of substances to improve grip, even though most are not allowed. What is sought is to increase the number of revolutions of the ball (affecting the rotation of the ball), which produces more fans or weak contacts that defenses can handle. The league knows it, the players know it, the coaches and fans know it too. However, the passivity of MLBUntil this became a real problem, it is what has made things worse.

This year we have an alarming rate of hitters hit by balls, but at the same time, the number of strikeouts has risen considerably and the total of home runs has decreased compared to other seasons. The frustration of the batters to see that MLB He does nothing in the face of what according to the rules of the league is cheating, he is at alarming levels, which is natural in the face of the offensive loss of 2021.

MLB announced that it will suspend for 10 games anyone caught using foreign substances, but this is just a patch to a general evil that will not solve the “sticky situation” in which the league has gotten. It is up to the league to stop turning a blind eye and reach a consensus between pitchers and batters on what can and cannot be used, it is a necessary discussion that cannot be limited to those who are not on the field of play day after day .