On the 10th he arrived loaded in Guayaquil

“Well, it seems that the 10 arrived in Guayaquil loaded,” wrote the CM of the account TyC Sports, channel that broadcast the game and further fueled the myth surrounding the star Lionel Messi.

Did the VAR harm the Argentine National Team? Look at the play of the dubious penalty for Ecuador

The Argentine National Team had the match controlled in Guayaquil against Ecuador for the last date of the Qualifiers for Qatar 2022, but the VAR interceded in the way of the Scaloneta and charged a controversial penalty via VAR, for the alleged hand of Tagliafico.

Geronimo Rulli, the Argentine starting goalkeeper, said that did not get to see the play of the controversial penalty charged by the Brazilian referee Raphael Claus, after a VAR check, but that his teammate tagliafico He commented that the ball hit his hand, although “it was close to his body.”

“It was a pity that the victory escaped. We wanted to win to close the tie, but the journey was spectacular“, valued the former Students from La Plata who at the age of 29 played his first game as a starter in qualifying rounds.

“I always worked to try to be there. Today I was given the opportunity and I tried to take advantage of it. I am proud to belong to this team”remarked the player from La Plata, who will fight to be the third goalkeeper on the list.

The goalkeeper, who participated in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, also highlighted the importance of equalizing Alfio Basile’s cycle record (31 games without losing) and that the group is “happy” for this achievement.

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