On the coast, houses and apartments are snapping up

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Aerial view of Saint-Malo – DAMIEN MEYER / AFP

  • Already very attractive territories, Brittany and Loire-Atlantique were even more popular with buyers in 2020, especially on the coast.
  • The increase in demand in the face of the shortage of goods has created an increase in prices.

“Come and live in the land of holidays” In La Baule, the slogan hammered out by the mayor of the famous Loire-Atlantique seaside resort since the first confinement seems to have been heard. Because in the various real estate agencies, few properties are currently available for sale. “We have a very clear increase in requests, confirms Alexandre Griveau, real estate advisor at the Casino agency. Nantes, Angevins, Parisians… They all want the same thing: not necessarily a seafront but a clear view, and space to be comfortable. “

While the health crisis has turned our daily lives upside down, it has also changed the behavior of buyers. Already very attractive territories, Brittany and Loire-Atlantique were even more popular in 2020. If the market remains very tight in the city centers of Nantes or Rennes (see box), the Covid effect is even more remarkable on the coast, Morbihan and Côte d’Amour in the lead, according to a report from the regional council of notaries, presented this Friday. “It exploded, estimates Damien Ruaud, president of the Breton notaries. The criteria are more qualitative than before: we are no longer just looking for a second home, but an accessible place, where we want to live a little longer and telecommute. “

On the coast, one in three buyers is not from the region

As a result, this renewed demand in the face of a “goods deficit” created a price increase. Among the most popular sectors, the Malouin country, for example, saw the median price of its old apartments rise by 13.5% in one year (3,850 euros / m²). A little further west, on the Emerald Coast, houses jumped 16% to reach a median price of 245,000 euros… Not enough to discourage buyers, while one in three of these newcomers on the Breton coasts is not originally from the region. “Ile-de-France residents have more budget, they are often 40-year-olds, executives,” continues Damien Ruaud. They can claim a larger residence than in Paris, with an exterior ”.

Alongside the unmissable Pornic or Saint-Malo, other towns located near the sea, and often well served by transport, are also seeing their prices skyrocket. This is the case for Lorient (+ 10.5% for houses), Saint-Brieuc (+ 12%) or even Saint-Nazaire (+ 19.4%!), Where the market is also very dynamic. These are all trends that seem to be confirmed in the first months of 2021, and which are synonymous with new ways of working for real estate agents.

“We barely have time to bring in the property that it is already gone,” says one of them. The problem is, there is such a frenzy that people position themselves, sometimes without visiting, and then back down. It is a difficult dynamic to manage. Breton notaries are also seeing an increase in bridging loans, requested by buyers who set their sights on a home, before having sold theirs.

Soaring prices in Rennes and Nantes

Housing prices have exploded in both cities. Rennes posted an increase of 14.7% for old apartments and 10.5% for houses in one year. In Nantes, these increases are 12.6% and 8.3%.



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