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on the environment, great principles but few tracks

If the head of state insists on the "need to act quickly", he is not very precise in his proposals on the ecological transition.

By Stéphane Foucart and Rémi Barroux Posted today at 11h27, updated at 11h35

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This is one of the four themes of the great national debate, but also the starting point of the anger of the "yellow vests", with the refusal of the increase of the carbon tax. The ecological transition will therefore be (re) discussed by the French, because, assures the President of the Republic, it is "Essential to our future". "I still think that depletion of natural resources and climate change are forcing us to rethink our development model", writes Emmanuel Macron. A delicate theme that could cause the anger expressed in recent weeks: the FNSEA agricultural union quickly asked that we come back on the ban on glyphosate, just as the CGT asked the question of a "Moratorium" on the closure of scheduled coal plants by 2022. Delicate also in view of the success of the petition "The case of the century", which, with more than two million signatures in mid-January, proposes to sue in court the French authorities for inaction in the fight against global warming.

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If he insists on "Need to act quickly"the head of state is not very precise about the issues that need to be dealt with, much less than for other subjects under discussion, such as citizenship for example. On the financing of the ecological transition, he is content to enumerate the tax, taxes without mentioning explicitly the carbon tax. So that the rise of this tax – one of the promises of Emmanuel Macron – resumes its course, it must be reintroduced in the next finance law for 2020, because it has been removed from that for 2019.

Glyphosate patches

In an interview at World January 10, Emmanuelle Wargon, Secretary of State to the Minister of Ecological and Solidarity transition, had said that it would depend on the big debate. "The rise in the carbon tax can not resume in 2020 if it is not the subject of a consensus. (…) Is there a tax on fossil fuels? If so, under what conditions will it be acceptable? " She asked. In his mail, Emmanuel Macron does not quote either, which appeared in some of the protests of the "yellow vests", the lack of transparency on the allocation of the proceeds of these taxes.

On the issues of transport, heating or food, the head of state mentions local solutions without further details. By what means can the replacement of old cars and boilers become " accessible to everyone " ? With some "Simpler and more accessible solutions". A subject on which the government is touting the increase in aid, the Prime Minister announced in November that the premium would be increased to 4,000 or 5,000 euros, in case of acquisition of an electric vehicle.


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